GOP Oversight Members Call for Committee to Conduct Bipartisan Investigation into Climate Change E-mails

Published: Dec 3, 2009

WASHINGTON D.C. – Twelve Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today requested that Chairman Edolphus Towns (D-NY) launch an investigation into the questions raised by the disclosure of emails from Hadley CRU.

The Members’ letter argues the Committee should examine the issue on a bipartisan basis.

According to the letter sent by the Members, “These emails are of particular significance to Congress and this Committee for two reasons.  First, the U.S. government has relied heavily on the integrity of the IPCC reports in developing a national policy response to climate change and second, several individuals involved in these emails, and apparently involved in manipulating climate data, are current and past recipients of federal research grants.  It is therefore imperative that Congress, and this Committee, fully understand the impact that these disreputable activities have had on the IPCC reports and consequently U.S. policy decisions.”

The letter also urged the Committee to explore the extent to which these scientists have been supported by federal grants.  Click here to read a copy of the letter.