Mar 30, 2011

Giving Students a Chance at Success

The House is due to vote Wednesday on reinstating the Opportunity Scholarship Program for the District of Columbia. This is a critical education reform that can offer low-income students and their parents the chance to break out of low-performing public schools and receive a quality education. The reauthorized program would give an annual voucher of $8,000 for elementary students and $12,000 for secondary students within 185 percent of the poverty line. It could make it possible for thousands ...

  • Education
Mar 9, 2011

SEC Chair Fails to Disclose a Conflict in the Madoff Matter

Mary Schapiro, current chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission,did not create all the problems at the SEC. Like many commissioners before her, she inherited most of them. From a technologically backward process for reviewing corporate filings and an inability to detect fraud to an unwieldy management structure and a unionized, lawyer-heavy work force, the SEC has developed a reputation as an outdated bureaucracy unable to track its own finances and lacking in basic accountability ...

  • Financial Services