Mar 22, 2009

If Not Gitmo, Where?

Barack Obama, on his first full day as president, signed an order to fulfill one of his biggest campaign promises: shuttering the GuantÁnamo Bay prison. The president said he moved to close the military's marquee terrorist prison to regain America's moral stature in the world. Although a politically shrewd maneuver, the weight of one simple question casts doubt on all of President Obama's eloquent electioneering and executive ordering: What do you do with the 245 alleged ...

  • Defense & Homeland Security
Mar 9, 2009

One Hand Giveth, the Other Taketh Away

As Congress has been deliberating legislation that would give Washington residents representation in the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats have touted this effort as a defense of democracy bill. Ironically enough, they are making this argument at the same time they are driving an effort to take away one of our most fundamental and sacred expressions of our democracy: the right to a private vote. The one hand giveth; the other hand taketh away. The ...

  • Civil Liberties